Drugstore Makeup Trial

Drugstore make up look you could try because:

a.) you are too broke for expensive, high end cosmetics

b.) too lazy to put on many products

c.) or you know, you just don’t know how make up works.

Here are all the items I used:

BASE. Honestly, I don’t know how this works so I don’t often use such plus it gets sticky? For this look, I used my day cream (Pond’s) and top it all with loose powder (Johnson’s)– and these are not even make up products 🤣 Note: I didnt put any concealer just to show off how hard working I am with my eyebags. Jk. Sometimes I do put a concealer (Nichido concealer stick) under my eyes and top my face with loose powder. Skip the day cream when putting a concealer on. They don’t just blend well.

EYEBROW. This is actually my fave part to fix. I used Nichido pencil liner for the outlines and Nichido eyebrow tint brushing everything inside the outline I made. (Nichido is probably one of the cheapest and good product I usually use). Note: Color varies on your preferences.

EYELINER. Nichido retractable pencil eyeliner. This is hard to use. You have to do it back and forth to make it look darker. I suggest try the darkest shade or black. 

LIPSTICK. Maybelline (Matte) touch of spice. The best and cheapest nude I have used. 

Vigan, Ilocos Sur


Experience Spain in the Philippines in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city was officially recognized as one of the New 7 Wonders Cities in May 2015. (check wikipedia)

I love how Spanish we are “culturally” and “historically” and being in few Hispanic places left here in the Philippines leaves me in awe. The houses, the view, the food, they all take me back in time! It may be summer all year here but adventures are not always at the beach. Try this place next time!

Forever Starts Today.

A Letter to ___

I have been on my guard for the rest of the world and have shut people out of my life believing that no one can ever cause me pain but myself. I’ve always reached out to people and has gotten tired of it. I’m used to giving and refused all those who tried to give to me.

One day, I tried letting all my defenses down when I replied to a stranger who talked to me ’bout stuffs that I’m in to.
I communicated with him long enough to be just “entertaining” a friend. I knew, no, I hoped that there was atleast something more to the words and photos we have been exchanging. And by just the thoughts of it, I know
I’m  already in trouble.

Troubled of all the possibilities of commitment, of being involved with a stranger with strange stuffs, of the limited time we have here on earth,
and of that thing I fear called love.

No, I don’t fear it. I don’t believe it. And I guess I’m starting to, like right now.


I’ve been looking at the blank space on my paper trying to figure out what words best describe the thoughts that I
have right now. Been scribbling and doodling lines on my pad and nothing makes sense.

That’s it. I’ve been living around thinking of what makes sense though in this reality, nothing is. I just
have to deal with the odd circumstances life has been throwing at me. How I am being tortured with bad things
despite the good deeds I show others. Why my sacrifices don’t even matter when no one recognizes them.